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Will the Bright aztec serengeti swim top in curvy be restocked?
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

#givemore #lovemore #payitforward

Your clothes make me happy and I can't wait to get some money so I can but everything lol
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

awww thank you!!!! :)

Me & Coco trying on the new samples of the BBD Dress & the Draped Sweaters in coral (orange) & mauve. All pieces will be available to order tomorrow after 1pm at Side note: Coco is living her life & I’m 33 going on 12 lol. #nakimuli #neoprene #sweater #drape #benjaminbutton

New Mambo Skirt prints coming soon! #african #nakimuli

Picking out the newest color for the Draped Crop Sweater: orange, red, denim, mauve, gray. Gray will most likely make the list. Which color is your fav?

We have 6 left of the Peekaboo Swimsuit. It’s ON SALE. $90 in every size. Final sale.

The BBD Dress in black will be back in stock shortly. And I’m putting the final touches on the new BBD Dress is dark khaki. (A cap sleeve maybe?) Both will be on display tomorrow at the Essence Mag Street Style Block Party.

This Sunday come visit us at Essence Magazine Street Style Block Party! We will have sale items as well NEW FALL ITEMS. Come by & say hi!

The Red Mosaic Serengeti Swimsuit is ON SALE! Sizes S-3X available. All sales final.

The Burgundy Mosaic Serengeti Swimsuit is ON SALE! Sizes S-3X available.

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You are an extremely talented designer with very admirable goals. For the folks that complain about your pricing...well they just don't get contemporary fashion. The fabric, construction, and overall garment is dependent on quality over quantity. You're a designer brand, not effing tjmaxx. Sorry noticed some stupid comments from other bloggers on your post. Had to vent :P Keep up the amazing work!
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

Thank you so much for getting it! (And I thought I replied to this before but I guess not…)

But yea, that’s one of the challenges of being an independent designer; so many people have champagne taste on a beer budget. They want you to have a unique point of view and pay your workers a good salary but still charge them Forever 21 prices. I get it; I don’t want to break anyone’s bank but I also need to cover my costs and make a profit in order to continue to still make the clothing that I make. I used to take it personally but now it doesn’t bother me because quality over quantity is my goal. And there will always be people that don’t want to pay my price (and they usually shop during sales, which is cool too) but I chose to focus on the people that appreciate what I do, like yourself.

But thank you again for understanding the costs that goes into creating a fashion line. I appreciate your kind words!

I love the swimsuits 😘 do you ever have sales? I'm sorta a broke college student haha. But one day if I have extra cash I really want to buy one of the bikini tops you have.
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

We are having a sale now!

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You definitely got me as a loyal customers!
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I seriously need that Mambo skirt to come back
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

The Mambo Skirt is coming back! Now in terms of prints, not sure if I can get those prints again but it will be back in 2 new prints.