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this video just reminded me of the time back in 2004 when i went to a house party in brooklyn for m-1. (or was it for stic man? can’t remember. lol) i was all excited to be in the room with the dead prez crew. then a pregnant erykah badu walks in and i almost fainted!!! love that woman!



Video of Erykah Badu spinning at Bardot a couple months back in Miami…

“Back in January, Erykah (aka Lo Down Loretta Brown) asked me to come down to Miami to film a DJ set she was slated to perform alongside Dead Prez and Supanova. The night before the show, I kicked it hard with Erykah, her manager Paul, and her DJ, Ringo. On the day of the show, we hung in the trailer with the Last Poets and Supanova. One thing I’ve learned from my many years in the industry is that every artist has a specific idiosyncratic pre-show routine. Supanova showed his colors early, coaxing the team into outdoor stretching exercises. With sound mind and sound body, we hit the venue, where an excited crowd got to see their favorite artist’s deejaying alter ego spin a thorough classic(s) set.” -( via Creative Control)


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    this video just reminded me of the time back in 2004 when i went to a house party in brooklyn for m-1. (or was it for...
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