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unzipped, 1995

i rented this movie about a month ago via netflix (and just realized someone uploaded the whole movie on youtube, as usual) and have been watching it a couple nights a week before i go to bed.

so inspiring on so many levels. first, i love isaac mizrahi. 1-cuz he is funny 2-he loves color. 3-he’s a native new yorker (holla!) 4-his hair! second, it just shows you a glimpse into his life as a designer; from getting bad reviews, to seeing what inspires him; from working with legends (earth kitt r.i.p!), to traveling to paris. i watch it and would love for my life to be that way. can’t wait for the day when i have my team + we are showing at new york fashion week with the hottest models. and working with hot celebs and legends in the game. and traveling the world. *sigh*

going to watch it now.

  1. buttahlove said: hmmm lemme check this out. thx!
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