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It’s been so long since I have done a diary of designer entry that I couldn’t tell you what day I should be on. lol. But I decided to give you a compressed update on Nakimuli. Things have been moving so fast around here; it’s hard to document it all, especially in the way I envision it in my head…so I keep pushing back the blog entries. (Plus I have a slight case of carpal tunnel in my right hand, smh) But I do miss you blogging.

So if you follow me on instagram or facebook or are signed up for the newsletter, you already know the big news. I have started working with Erykah Badu!!! Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows how she was on the TOP of my list. So it’s so surreal to be working with her! It’s been over a year in the making (in-depth story coming one of these days) but I have finally had this dream come true on August 6th.

Me, looking all hyped, with Erykah Badu (rocking a custom Dookie Chain Necklace)

My assistant Courtney with Erykah

Erykah copped a lot of stuff from us that day (actually we saw her August 6th + 7th, lucky us). She made her 1st debut as my official muse on August 25th, when she rocked our custom gold Dookie Chain Suspenders at the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn!

(pic courtesy of my girl Edwina Hay,

It was amazing to be there live & see her rocking my designs! (She is also rocking my girl Amina’s Made By AG earrings. I almost cried but then all the weed that was being smoked around me got in my eyes. lol

Today I got a surprise on intstagram. One of my beloved followers tagged me in a pic of Erykah Badu:

She is in Germany rocking our Peach Lee Leggings and custom gold Dookie Chain!! (left pic courtesy of @facehunter)

(pic courtesy of @thefashionalist)

It’s so amazing to see a dream come true! We have so much more in store! I’m so excited to reveal the new things we are working on. In due time…Just trying my best to update more. At least once a week. *fingers crossed* But you can always follow us on instagram (@nakimuliinc) and FB (nakimuliinc)

*dreams do come true*


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love erkyah like an older sister and lupe like a huzzzband. :)


I can tell those eyes from a mile away… Erykah Badu, as we have never seen her before and the ever evolving Mr. Lupe Fiasco in his BET Awards Performance of “Words I Never Said.” 

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Out The Box TV - Erykah Badu (@FATBELLYBELLA)

After a short hiatus, Out Da Box TV returns with an extra special new episode. This week, we feature the amazingly talented and accomplished Songstress “Erykah Badu”. Yes! we were fortunate to share the time in an intimate Question and Answer with the Queen of Neo Soul. Erykah spoke affectionately on everything from her love for music, balancing her career with life as a mother, embracing all that she is, despite previous stereotypes, and the depth and significance of the Window Seat Video.

Erykah also took the time to speak on the mind state of the people of the world, with regards to love and family in 2011. She stated “that people want to be seen as good in the eyes of whatever that made us. They want to be loved, they want to work with pride”. We were also fortunate enough to capture some amazing performance footage from her as well. I’m so proud and excited to share it with you. This is just a testament to the growth of Out Da Box TV and the wonderful things to come in the near future. We hope you are inspired!

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haven’t posted badu latley…here ya go.

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ms badu does modern dance? love her even more.

(we are such kindred spirits.)

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this video just reminded me of the time back in 2004 when i went to a house party in brooklyn for m-1. (or was it for stic man? can’t remember. lol) i was all excited to be in the room with the dead prez crew. then a pregnant erykah badu walks in and i almost fainted!!! love that woman!



Video of Erykah Badu spinning at Bardot a couple months back in Miami…

“Back in January, Erykah (aka Lo Down Loretta Brown) asked me to come down to Miami to film a DJ set she was slated to perform alongside Dead Prez and Supanova. The night before the show, I kicked it hard with Erykah, her manager Paul, and her DJ, Ringo. On the day of the show, we hung in the trailer with the Last Poets and Supanova. One thing I’ve learned from my many years in the industry is that every artist has a specific idiosyncratic pre-show routine. Supanova showed his colors early, coaxing the team into outdoor stretching exercises. With sound mind and sound body, we hit the venue, where an excited crowd got to see their favorite artist’s deejaying alter ego spin a thorough classic(s) set.” -( via Creative Control)


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ms. badu. 

damn, i wish i designed that jumper!

my idol

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erykah badu



Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Music Video)

Inspired by Matt and Kim’s Lessons Learned Music Video.

Powerful video and song.

“They play it safe…Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow. They are US! This is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person within a circumstance can move one to change, to love our self, to EVOLVE.”


i just love this woman!!!

only erykah can make me wanna cut my hair off and rock braids + beads again.

my mentor brenda actually knows erykah cuz her bk apartment is across the street from brenda’s boutique. she used to tell me stories about her. and andre. she even allegedly cut all her hair off back in the day cuz she admired brenda’s low cut. and with each story, i would just be dying inside cuz i just luv erykah! and of course andre, my official 1st husband. lol

gotta get her in some naKIMuli real soon! like this year!!!