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This weekend I received a printed copy of my Time Out NY Magazine feature in the mail. I was so surprised that I got the whole page to myself!!! Usually they create a collage of all the people they feature and make it a 2 page spread. But they only featured me, which was odd but wow! I’m loving it! Forever excited and grateful.

Now I have to run and buy like 5 copies and send them to my family and frame this one!

This week has been insane! Between Eva wearing the coat, the Time Out NY spread, the overwhelming orders, and emails of future promise, I am exhausted but excited about life right now. And to top it off, I had the BEST Valentine’s Day in a very long while. Funny, it had nothing to do with a dude. On V-Day, I was able to go to 2 couture fashion shows!

Now I’m not one of those people who flocks to Fashion Week every season to be seen. I’m not sure what the purpose is if I’m not going to see any shows. And I’m not that much of a celeb stalker to go just to see them. This was actually my first time at the tents. And I was invited to 2 shows, which fulfilled a big dream of mine. It was so much fun! And very inspiring.

My outfit. I hate taking pics like this but I can’t find the piece that goes onto my tripod. Smh.

Went with my friend/ex-work husband Damion. I got a lot going on! And he balances it out by being simple yet chic. Love this man. 

The 1st show we went to see was Naeem Khan. My girl Amina invited me without knowing how much I love his work. We sat like 5 rows up. Boooo!

The second show we saw was Dennis Basso.

And we sat 2nd row! Holla!

And when I got home, this waiting for me by my door.

My mom gave me a bag full of junk food goodies. :)

The best Valentine’s Day ever!

So happy this posted during Fashion Week. Back in October 2011, we shot this photo shoot naming me as one of Time Out NY’s Most Stylish New Yorkers. I always wanted to be named and when I got the email from them, I was shocked. A dream come true!

Here are a couple of pics from the shoot. Of course I am rocking Nakimuli in every look. You can see more here:

Most Stylish New Yorkers: Tennille McMillan

This week keeps getting better…more info on my other lovely blessings shortly.

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happy, happy! joy, joy!

finally got this production thang under my belt, i think. lol

been using 2 factories here in nyc. the first one had 7 pairs of the squiggly wiggly leggings and it took them 3 WEEKS to finish them. no bueno. the other factory had the michaela + cheetah-licious leggings, 8 in total, and it took them 4 DAYS. so we all know which factory we are going with. lol

micheala leggings now available. only 4 pairs left.

cheetah-licious + squiggly wiggly leggings coming soon.


Spoken word by Joekenneth Museau
Music : Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted and Black (1972)
Shot by : CJ Something 

Location : Harlem, NY


(via streetetiquette)

unzipped, 1995

i rented this movie about a month ago via netflix (and just realized someone uploaded the whole movie on youtube, as usual) and have been watching it a couple nights a week before i go to bed.

so inspiring on so many levels. first, i love isaac mizrahi. 1-cuz he is funny 2-he loves color. 3-he’s a native new yorker (holla!) 4-his hair! second, it just shows you a glimpse into his life as a designer; from getting bad reviews, to seeing what inspires him; from working with legends (earth kitt r.i.p!), to traveling to paris. i watch it and would love for my life to be that way. can’t wait for the day when i have my team + we are showing at new york fashion week with the hottest models. and working with hot celebs and legends in the game. and traveling the world. *sigh*

going to watch it now.

about opening a boutique.

(the above pic is of the popular store/brand the brooklyn circus aka the bkc, which is in my neighborhood but they also has a store in san fran + chicago. i heart the owner, ouigi, and the direction he has been taking his brand. very inspiring, especially since i remember when he opened his 1st store a few yrs ago + see the evolution + growth. but i digress…)

so i have been thinking about this for a while. it has always been my dream to own a store, i even wrote a business plan for one a few years back. but stores can be very costly, even in a recession. (the recession doesn’t exist in nyc. at least that is what you would think when you see the high rent prices.) so i thought i should just have a showroom. and i have actually been looking at showroom possibilities. me + kelly went to go see one today. (nice + in the boondocks + desolate = no) but more + more i am thinking of opening a store.

still working on details, gonna write another business plan. but i like how a store sets up a type of community where regulars come visit you often and u can get discovered by new customers every day. and it can still act as a showroom for press + private clients to come by. but it is a HUGE responsibility. but sometimes u gotta take chances. just make them calculated, right? (thanks euni for reiterating that to me + for telling me to stop dwelling on the negative. luv u for that.)

i was terrified to tell uncle jimmy but i spoke to him about it tonite. he asked me a whole bunch of “business” questions but was ultimately very happy and supportive. and then of course he began to reminisce about the record store he had in the east village in the late 70s/early 80s. when rent was $99/mo. wtf? i wish! i would open a store asap!!!

not sure when and/or where in bk (yes, i am staying in brooklyn) i would open it. got a few ideas. but still brainstorming the deets + scheduling time to talk to my mentor + other boutique owners. aahhhh, so excited yet so overwhelmed + nervous…



Neneh Cherry.

A random sample of clips from a doco about Cherry when she was a young mamma making videos during the Raw Like Sushi success. Copied from VHS, so a bit rough quality.


i sat here + watched all 4 mins of this thinking:

1-though nyc was grimy back in the day, it still had a creative energy to it that i miss. i mean, it’s still here but the creative energy is so different; in some ways it is WONDERFUL, in some ways it’s not…but whatevs…memories…

2- i’m kinda looking forward to the early 90’s style coming back; it’s just an extension of the 80s. and i luv 80s fashion. though it’s never as good as the 1st time, right? lol

sometimes when i go to my fav fabric stores, i get swatches of fabric, for inspiration. on saturday i got these 3 swatches. i like the top fabric cuz it is kinda reminds me of african fabric even though it isn’t. the 2nd is very nyc- with its graffiti + pics of subway trains. i’ve used it in the past b4; made costumes out of it. and i just heart the lips fabric. so colorful + playful. they would make great goin’ on a holiday dresses. haven’t made up my mind on what i would like to use it for.

and i bought this vibrant floral fabric. they only had a 1yd left so i just might do a one of a kind spring/summer dress with it. not sure what style dress but it will be hot of course! lol

my girl eutopia just posted a pic i sent her via my phone of the dress i made for her. she is wearing it tonite @ her party.



Tonight I will be hosting my first party/event in NYC. I’m kind of excited, anxious, confident and nervous. I know I got a lot going on with me but I got about 11 and half hours to get it together and trust me I will. Picked up my dress yesterday from my lil sis (an extraordinary designer, you know her and her work Nakimuli). The dress is above. I can’t wait to get into tonight. I’m so tempted to just wear it right now, lol. Yes I’m the kid that opened her Christmas gifts December 24th at 12 midnight. But I’m going to resist my temptation. If you are in NYC tonight and you are looking for a great party come on through and bring some one with you. Great music, beautiful people and cheap drinks. You can’t beat that. Sutra lounge 16 1st ave between 1st and 2nd st. If you come by make sure you tell me how much you love my dress, lol. See ya at the bar. Peace World!!!


another pic:

u can wear it either way. eutopia told me that she is gonna surprise me. :)

and i plan on adding it to the spring 2010 line.

i realize that most of my followers/readers are from nyc. (thank u google analytics!) sooo if u r looking for a FREE party to attend to on thanksgiving eve… *wink, wink*

my big sis eutopia ( is hosting a party @ sutra on the lower east side. so feel free to come out + bring friends. i will be there and i’m making eutopia’s dress! it’s gonna be a dope time!