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New Mambo Skirt prints coming soon! #african #nakimuli

In love with our Nellie Mini Skirt. Paired here with our Fawohodie Crop Top. #african #adinkra #print #screenprint #nakimuli

Buying more fabric today to fulfill orders for the Coco Midi Skirt. #african #midi #maxi #nakimuli #dutchwax

Nakimuli x Sistargirl Bravery Earrings were a hit last year. And we are bringing them back along with another cool African print. @sistargirl #tbt #african #print #nakimuli #earrings

Getting the Serengeti Swimsuit ready for next week’s release. We are ONLY making a HANDFUL of them in each size so you will have to move FAST next week to secure yours! #swimwear #tribal #african

A hurricane don’t stop our show!- Last night Jill Scott wore her Afrikan Hologram Leggings for a second time in as many weeks. Guess it’s safe to say she likes them. Lol #nakimuli #jillscott #leggings #african #wegonegetthiswork

Finishing up a custom bow tie for one of my male customers. #mens #african #bowtie #nakimuli

Working on what will most likely be the very last pair of Afrikan Hologram Leggings for a VERY SPECIAL person. #nakimuli #leggings #african #prints

wish i had designed this.

new dookie bracelets.

coming in november.

new bows.

coming in november.

moving forward, the goal is to start creating more of our own prints. i am big onexclusivity and living in nyc, it is hard to buy printed jersey fabric without seeing at least one designer using the same fabric. smh.

but above (on the left) is just one of the new prints i got done; it is the adinkra symbol fawohodie, which means independence/freedom. you will be seeing some cute leggings and other garments done with that print. 

the right is the zebra print for the lee dress/leggings. the lee dress is by far the best selling item we have created. so i got the screen done over since we are getting more & more orders for it. 

got a couple other prints done; you will those soon.

can’t wait to unveil the new things we are working on…the timeline is getting pushed back but new things are a-coming!