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nakimuli kind of town

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i have been very sporadic with my postings on the blog + with listings in the store lately. i do apologize.

the main reason: trying to find a new place is like having a full time job on top of trying to run a business and possibly having a social life.

above is a pic of a development called 14 townhouses. ( it’s about 6 blocks away from my house. and they are my dream houses; they are so spacious and modern and look way better in person. the best thing is that the people who live there keep their windows uncovered so you can see how beatiful they are living.

side note: do all rich people hate curtains/shades? that is very popular in my neighborhood. but i digress…

i even know which one i would like to live in (279 state st, which is the one to the left of the gray house.) i usually walk on the block and day dream of owning one of them. of me throwing lavish parties. of arriving in front of my house in a cab after closing a big business deal in the city. of opening the door to invite my boyfriend lupe (fiasco) in for dinner (which i probably paid someone to cook; i’m not very domestic). of living there and only have an office + a few samples because naKIMuli inc will have a showroom in the city. (yes, i will be balling that much.) but of course this is all a dream for now cuz i can’t afford to buy a 3.5 million dollar house. yet.

and it seems like i can’t afford to rent an apt either. damn, this process of looking for a place to live is so draining!!! i guess i have had good luck in the past. i found my current apt very quickly. and i live in an amazing neighborhood and pay an insanely low amount of rent compared to the neighborhood asking price. but things have changed big time within 6 yrs. the ghetto neighborhoods have/are starting to become gentrified + the rents are already reflecting it. and just imagine, it will be even more insane once the market bounces back.

i don’t really have a reason for this rambling. i am just so discouraged right now…i know i will find the place i am supposed to be soon, but this process sucks. and it takes up so much of my day that all i can do is look for an apt + fulfill orders. cuz, as my friend khalia observed in our 4 hr convo, anything outside of that is creating so much anxiety that i need to just focus on the things that are immediate. but in a way, this process just makes me wanna work harder/smarter so i can be on top and afford a million dollar house. soon.

and if u hear of anything, i am looking for a 2 bedroom apt (or a loft) in brooklyn. preferably within a 15 minute train ride to the city. need more deets? email me :


German Elle Decoration recently featured the whimsical Pennsylvania country home of one of my creative heroes, Todd Oldham. Aside from cultivating a wiley beard over the past few years, Todd has been working on a cool collection of books with AMMO Publishing, including a Charlie Harper retrospective, Kid Made Modern and a profile on John Waters. Check out a recent feature on him in NY Magazine.

(via Todd Oldham Studio Blog)


yes, i want a house like this. what can i say, i <3 color!

Iranian architect India Mahdavi designed the new restaurant/ Café  “Germain” in Paris – a great 70s old school bistro/diner style – Opened by French Entrepreneur Thierry Costes, the two story restaurant/lounge, is split in two by the massive, yellow sculpture entitled “Sophie” created by the renowned French artist Xavier Veilhan, currently showcasing in the Chateau des Versailles in France.



i want this in my house!

  • naKIMuli inc including new label shanae:

from naKIMuli—-the cater dress

my business, of course! i have so many things i am gearing up for the end of this yr + the beginning of next yr. wish i could move fast enough to get them done!

from shanae—-101 dress (coming soon)


  • netflix

at first i was only getting them in the mail. then my friend convinced me to watch the instant movies on my computer. i am hooked! damn u netflix!


  • tutus

any type of tutu/petticoat has got me anticipating an event to rock it to.


  • luxury apartments in brooklyn

As much as i despise gentrification, i still daydream about “moving on up” + living in a bk luxury high rise building. i already have my building picked out. lol i need a doorman!


  • platform shoes

my recent babies! got them on right now. lol looking to get more even though i am the worst heel walker (not really but really.)


  • pencil skirts

designed this houndstooth pencil skirt last yr but it started my current obsession for them. will have some variations in the new label.

twisted pencil skirt coming soon

naKIMuli mermaid/pencil skirt available now!


  • my health

just started on my journey of going to the gym + embarking on a vegan diet. started november 1st + so far i luv it! i never looked forward to cooking until now. in an hr, i will start cooking dinner. yay! wouldn’t offer my food to anyone just yet (even though my girl daizy tried some of it yesterday + is still alive), but give me a couple of months…


  • twitter

took me a while to join twitter. there is nothing spectacular about it but i luv it. guess cuz i follow some cool people who inspire me: rev run, deepak chopra, june ambrose, russell simmons, my girl chanel of junkprints, and my boy taqiy of go tee entertainment .


  • music!

black kids


calvin harris


just a few of the bands i listen to on the reg.