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yea, he’s a little kooky-crazy. he talks too much. and he never wears his hearing aids like he’s supposed to. but i wouldn’t haven’t any other way. well…maybe the talks too much part.

happy birthday to my uncle james “jimmy-rent is too damn high-papa smurf-the black hulk hogan” mcmillan. love u!

feeling good, feeling great!

celebrating tonight starting at 6-6:30pm:

desire bar 45 w. 8th st bet 5th-6th st

happy hour drinks starting at $6

all are welcomed. see you there!

from my uncle:

"hi. tomorrow is the day jfk was killed. most importantly it’s your birthday."

wtf????? who says that?

gotta love him. lmao!!!! 

nelson  mandela- (today is his 93rd birthday, amazing!!!!) (via eutopiainnyc)

after having such a crazy, snow-filled day trekking to my showroom, it was nice to receive this lovely facebook email from my customer deaundra today:

Check out Layla’s photos on my page, she is still rockin’ the custom bracelets u made her! Hope your holiday has been awesome! You inspire Layla and I to push the envelope and dare to be different when it comes to our wardrobe!


and under a couple of the pics she wrote:

Ms. Tennille McMillan is my inspiration!

I am a Nakimuli GIRL FOR LIFE! Sending sweet kisses to Nakimuli Inc!

this alone has made my 2 hour trip in the snow to my showroom worthwhile. :)

wow! what a compliment! i appreciate the love soooooooooooooo much!!!!

happy 5th bithday layla! and many, many more!!!!!

last week uncle jimmy came by the showroom to show me his new doll.

this s**t is just too surreal. (wish granma was here.)

amina + uncle jimmy + lil jimmy

shout out to amina, whose birthday was yesterday. sag power!!!

uncle jimmy + me + lil jimmy


how do i feel???

wellllll, it’s been a interesting transition leaving my twenties and going “to the 3rd fl,” as my friend chad calls it. but i am looking forward to dreaming and doing bigger thangs!!!

here are some pics from my celebration on saturday. thanks to all of those that came out. and a HUGE apology to all those that waiting for me to come to the party. i got there mad late. long story short, had 1 of my besties come in from marylad on the latest bus EVER. and of course when we were about to leave, she comes strolling in. so we waited for her. yes, i should have killed her but i am a nice person. :( but i do appreciate everyone who waited. thanks again for coming out to the party!!!

my dress. i made 2 other outfits on saturday. hated them both. and then i came up with this one, at the last minute, that i absolutely ADORED. will be on sale shortly. and of course with better pics. but basically it is a one shoulder sequin drape dress. great for any holiday party. *wink, wink*


fun times.

hope to see you there tonite! and make sure to come up and introduce yourself! 

need to contact me?

i will be checking my email all day. see you soon!

my birthday party is in 2 DAYS!!!

all the info is here on the flyer. shout out to natasha for making the flyer.

it’s gonna be fun. u should come on thru.

(and yes, i’m hitting the big 3-0. and still looking half my age. smh.)

me (center) celebrating my birthday with my sisters shanessa (l) and tiajuana (r)

got some requests to come out to my party. so happy you guys will be there to celebrate with me. it’s gonna be exciting to meet my fans/customers.

we changed the location. so it’s not at my showroom anymore. we will be doing it up at a cute lounge in tribeca. and my girl/big sis eutopia will be hosting it.

so if you would like to come out for free cake and drinks and lots of dancing and fun, hit me up:


me on my bday last yr


i am having a bday party next week saturday (11/20). 

i would love for you to come, friend/fan/customer. we are gonna have LOTS of fun! and it will be at my showroom so you get to see the new space!

interested in coming? send me your email address:

we will send you an evite with all the necessary info. hope you can make it!

one of my close friends yaani, who is also amina’s big sis and best friends with meoldy ehsani, asked me to do a custom dookie chain dress for her to wear on her birthday, which was yesterday.

yaani always wears white on her birthday so we decided to do a white dress with a gold chain, which i hear was melody’s suggestion. and it came out great! looking good yaani!

i had to express mail the dress to cali in time for her celebration on sunday. melody + the rest of her friends threw her a surprise birthday party.

aaaawwww!!!! happy birthday yaani!!!

p.s.—-shout out to amina for sewing the gold links!!! ;)

and yaani is a dope actress. she just wrapped up on the series saving grace + will be a part of a webseries that idris elba is producing. niiiice! of course i will keep you posted when i get details on her new projects. so proud of her. she has come a long way since high school! so wonderful to see your friends blossom!

(mommy in the white head wrap; auntie in the red. i think my mom’s eyes r closed in this pic, as usual. smh lol)

yes, my mom + aunt are twins. fraternal.

just spent time with them this weekend + had a blast! and realized how much of my humor + love for 80s r&b i get from my aunt. (she’s the outgoing one; my mom is the wallflower.)

luv u two with all my heart!!!

***mom: words can not describe how much u mean to me. luv u, luv u, luv u!!!!!

if it wasn’t for your love,

wasn’t for your giving hand

if it wasn’t for your love,

where would i be?

-mint condition “if it wasn’t for your love”

today is my granma’s birrthday, she turns 82. wow, imagine living for 82 yrs…

i don’t know but i started thinking about my bday this past nov 22. and i remembered that i forgot to post the pics. then i thought, my sis has all the better pics of me + my close friends at my brunch. and of course she still has not emailed them to me! damn her! lol (i still luv u tia!) so i will just so u a few of the pics i have.

my outfit. i represented for both my labels. lol

top: urban outfitters

pants: vintage

shoes: vintage

denim chain: naKIMuli

scarf: naKIMuli

cardigan: shanae

jewelry: vintage + gifts +thrift

and i topped it off with a vintage cape. speaking of vintage capes, have 1 i need to put in the store for sale…

i made everyone who came to my bday brunch cowl scarves in their fav colors.

my girl lori bought me a vegan cupcake. :)

me acting silly. and my sis tia. where my pics at huh? lol

and earlier that day…

uncle jimmy came by + bought me flowers + had a TOTAL stranger sing happy birthday with him. lol gotta luv uncle jimmy…

one of my best girl friends daizy came by with her baby shilo. me + daze go way back, all the way to 1st grade!

daizy + uncle jimmy + shilo uncle jimmy made that shirt w/ a pic of himself + a roller skate. don’t ask questions. lmao

my in front of my house…it was a good bday.