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in a little over a month (november 22nd to be exact. make note of that people! hehe), i will be a year older and planning a huge celebration which includes an official grand openingĀ and birthday party (more deets coming soon.) But in addition, I also want the following things listed, in no particular order.

beyonce’s heat perfume. i know, very wtf. lol but a friend of mine gave me a sample + i actually liked it.

a goldfish. in a glass bowl. with a castle.

a hot date with a cute, funny, intelligent guy. really want to go to my fav vegan restaurant, gobo, but any nice restaurant with vegetarian options will do.

another tattoo (or 2).

some cute boots/booties. most likely something by jeffrey campbell.

new glasses. i’ve had these for a few years and i really need to either get prescription in this other pair i have or buy some new ones. (or get laser surgery. lol) but i got my eyes on a tortoise shell pair…

me + kellz r meeting amina in the city to go fabric shopping today. so while waiting for kelly to get here, i took some pics…

i call this my vintage-afrikan-around-the-way-girl look. lol

sweatshirt- discus athletics (i could live in this sweatshirt)

shorts- bitter

leggings- american apparel

boots- timberland

coat- vintage

glasses- vintage

earring- thrift

scarf- naKIMuli

bangles- naKIMuli (coming soon)

rings- thrift; gifts

finsk wedge booties

finsk wedge booties


flavor boots $42, size 7 1/2

west boots $42, size 7

available at naKIMuli online store


…u would get these boots for me. or donate a few dollars to my cause. or point me in the direction of a cute rich guy who would get these for me.

i made the mistake of trying these on today. and i have fallen in luv with them even more. i usually don’t jump on the trendy bandwagon (cuz every “hip” blogger has a pair of these) but these are an exception.

so pleeeease find it in ur heart to support my cause! i take cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards…


I need a pair of over-the-knee boots for this winter. You know what that means time to start saving that monayyy.

great fashionable minds think alike. i was just thinking the same thing on my stroll through soho yesterday.