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Recently received a lot of inquiries about this outfit. So now you can purchase both the Bleached Lovey Top & Bleached Geo Leggings online, just in time for our Black Friday Sale! #nakimuli #leggings #highlowtop #fashion #style #brooklyn #blackfriday #shopping

Customer pics: Miriam was the first to ask me if I can make the Point Guard Swimsuit into a top & skirt. She looks great in it! And she is repping Brooklyn. Holla! #nakimuli #fashion #customers #style #brooklyn

It was wonderful to finally meet my longest tumblr friend today, Ayla, yesterday. We had a wonderful, inspirational talk about living your life creatively. Follow your heart!


FINALLY got to meet my OG tumblr friend Tennille, the owner of the amazing Nakimuli line today (we’ve been tumblr-ing since ‘08…BeForE it was popular).

P.S….her leggings game is way too killer, watch out for her newest collection!

Me and my mentor, Brenda Brunson-Bey in front of her store (my old job) in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Circa May 2010. 

Side note: I will NEVER look my age. (A very good thing but a bad thing too…)

So happy this posted during Fashion Week. Back in October 2011, we shot this photo shoot naming me as one of Time Out NY’s Most Stylish New Yorkers. I always wanted to be named and when I got the email from them, I was shocked. A dream come true!

Here are a couple of pics from the shoot. Of course I am rocking Nakimuli in every look. You can see more here:

Most Stylish New Yorkers: Tennille McMillan

This week keeps getting better…more info on my other lovely blessings shortly.



my friends melissa and quill quasar will be performing tomorrow in fort greene, brooklyn. feel free to come out and support up and coming musical talent. the event is free (yay!) and i will be dressing melissa so it should be a fun night. ;)

to hear their music: 

found this pic online of the super models of the 1990s. 

credit said it was a versace ad shot by peter lindbergh, 1991.

funny thing, this was shot around the corner from my showroom, on pearl street in dumbo, brooklyn. and for the most part, that street still looks the same 20 years later. 

back in april i had the pleasure of being picked as fashion 500 honoree celebrating black fashion month here in brooklyn.

it sucks that i didn’t get a chance to go to the event; i went to harvard the day before and i caught a cold. :(

here is the preview they put together of all the honorees. you can see me around the 1:06 and 2:18 mark.

side note: love how they are playing one of my fav songs from one of fav movies in the background; branford marsalis’ mo’ better blues. :)


Apparently the L train is not running this weekend. :(

There is a shuttle bus but I hate the shuttle bus! There are other ways to get there; you can take the M/J train. I think you can take the M train to Central Ave and walk. I will be taking the J train to Flushing Ave and walking about 10-15 mins to The Loom. Way easier for me. May be easier for many of you than to take the L shuttle bus, which can be a nightmare. 

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I have a couple of people meeting me at my studio at 5pm and we will go together. If you would like to meet up with us, feel free to email/call me.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Ouigi of the Brooklyn Circus 


ouigi! love him. he is such an inspiration.

and he is biking on my old block. i miss my old neighborhood!!! :(

(via buttahlove)

yes, i rarely do fashion shows. But my friend raheem asked me to participate in a show he is doing in BK and of course i had to say yes.

a little info about the show:

when: saturday, June 4th at 7pm

where: the loom, 1087 flushing ave in bushwick, brooklyn

cost: free

more info coming soon…including a naKIMuli event happening the next day…

but for now, you can rsvp on facebook

jocthephotographer replied to your post: thank you!!!

I’ll be in NY this weekend I would LOVE to stop by && check out some of your stuff! I’ll mainly be in Brooklyn but I definitely plan to be all over!
well we are in BROOKLYN! you can make an appointment to come by saturday:
warning, we are low on inventory; we just did 2 fashion shows this friday so we are waiting for each organization to ship our items back to us. hopefully it will before saturday. lol but on the good note, you might be able to see some of the new pieces we are doing for summer! ;)

me + my friend onician.


After a 2 hour train ride, that should have only taken me 40 mins, I don’t know why I thought the walk from the train station to my showroom would be an easy one…