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Wunderkind Fall 2010 Shoes



#SupportYourLocalNailArtist! s/o to @jvzzi for the logo art


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Happy Sunday everyone!

The year of my first studio in pics.

The best and and worst thing I could have done was to look at all these pics. It made me miss having my studio. But it also reminded me of how far I have come. (And of all the designs I forgot about.)

Last week I began looking for a new space again. My mom says I don’t do much work when I am home. (Has she not seen all my orders?) But I think that I just work MUCH better when I am alone. (And my new thing is scheduling “working hours” so I’m not like working at odd times.) So we saw 6 places last week; only one I contemplated taking…but the commute was so long that I decided it was a no-go as well. But I want to find a new space so badly, especially for my creative sanity. Also, customers keep asking if they can come by and try things on and it’s a bummer to say no. But this week is a new week so I hope I can find something dope, even if it’s a little temporary “sanity” space. 

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Strivers Row presents Dean’s List 3!

Miles Hodges, Jasmine Mans, Joshua Bennett, Alysia Harris and Carvens Lissaint


Special Musical Guests and announcement of the newest Strivers poet!



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why do people copy?

well, let me rephrase that cuz we all copy/steal ideas. no idea is original nowadays. (except for the ones steve jobs came up with. lol. i digress…)

why do people copy to the tee? especially when a thing called the internet exists? 

on sunday, my girl amina called me to tell me that once again, someone on etsy copied her work. here is her design on the left and the copy on the right:

now, it’s clear that the person who made these saw amina’s design on amber rose (“amber rose” was one of her etsy tags) and decided to make her own pair, which is cool…


but why would she try to make the SAME EXACT PAIR  and then try to sell it? and on etsy no less? (last night yokoo tweeted “something really has to be done about etsy sellers copying.”) i mean, don’t you think that the earrings may have a designer who created them who may be on the internet? 




i think that is the problem with copying. everyone is inspired by what they see. we create so that others will have the courage to shine their light as well. but you should be inspired and take it to the next level. add your own voice to it. this post is not about shouting people out BUT about challenging others to bring forth your own creativity and to be cognizant of how it makes people feel when you copy their work. (it doesn’t feel good by the way.)

but at the end of the day, you gotta look at the positive, right? it’s great to have copycats. 1-you know you are doing something interesting and 2-they push you to tap into your creativity even more.

the body i am striving for.

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will be making a trip to the met very soon to check this out. my favorite designer…viva la mcqueen!