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A few weeks ago, my homegirl and owner of The Strivers Row, Latoya, came by the studio to try on a dress. Yes, she will be rocking Nakimuli tonight at the Strivers Row BIG event tonight.

And speaking of that, if you are in NYC this evening, feel free to come out and see the Strivers Row poets perform. It’s gonna be dope! 

***Side Note: You should probably get there EARLY, especially if you are buying tix at the door. It’s gonna be crazy! See you there!

It was wonderful to finally meet my longest tumblr friend today, Ayla, yesterday. We had a wonderful, inspirational talk about living your life creatively. Follow your heart!


FINALLY got to meet my OG tumblr friend Tennille, the owner of the amazing Nakimuli line today (we’ve been tumblr-ing since ‘08…BeForE it was popular).

P.S….her leggings game is way too killer, watch out for her newest collection!

Yesterday my best friend of 27 years (yes, we go waaaaay back) texted these pics of her with the Time Out Mag I sent her in the mail. She seems more excited that I did! I think it’s cuz she thinks that once I hit it big time, she will quit her job and become my assistant. But I’ve already fired her. Ha!

And one more pic from the mag. In my haste to turn to page 23, I didn’t even know I was on the Table of Contents page until 3 days later. I’m a mess! 

P.S.- I just checked the rest of the mag to make sure I didn’t miss anthing else!

This week has been insane! Between Eva wearing the coat, the Time Out NY spread, the overwhelming orders, and emails of future promise, I am exhausted but excited about life right now. And to top it off, I had the BEST Valentine’s Day in a very long while. Funny, it had nothing to do with a dude. On V-Day, I was able to go to 2 couture fashion shows!

Now I’m not one of those people who flocks to Fashion Week every season to be seen. I’m not sure what the purpose is if I’m not going to see any shows. And I’m not that much of a celeb stalker to go just to see them. This was actually my first time at the tents. And I was invited to 2 shows, which fulfilled a big dream of mine. It was so much fun! And very inspiring.

My outfit. I hate taking pics like this but I can’t find the piece that goes onto my tripod. Smh.

Went with my friend/ex-work husband Damion. I got a lot going on! And he balances it out by being simple yet chic. Love this man. 

The 1st show we went to see was Naeem Khan. My girl Amina invited me without knowing how much I love his work. We sat like 5 rows up. Boooo!

The second show we saw was Dennis Basso.

And we sat 2nd row! Holla!

And when I got home, this waiting for me by my door.

My mom gave me a bag full of junk food goodies. :)

The best Valentine’s Day ever!


#SupportYourLocalNailArtist! s/o to @jvzzi for the logo art


By donating $1 or more to this project you can help bring this project to life. to learn more you can visit my kickstarter page. Every little bit helps. Thanks for reading this. You gals are awesome.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hitting the ground running for 2012! 

Yesterday we did our very first photo shoot of the year; shooting was at my dear friend Damion’s apt. It  was a looooong day; we shot so many pieces. But glad we were able to get it done. Items will be available at the end of the month.

Nigel setting up the lights, getting ready to shoot.

Amber is wearing our new Blue Scales Dress. 

Amber with her bestie Theo.

Amber is wearing a new dress I have not named yet. ;)

Damion has a great vintage jewelry collection that he let us use. (Still trying to figure out a way to let him let me have a few pairs.)

We reshot a few items that are already available in our online store.

Amber is wearing the Highway Leggings. You can order these now here. (In sizes S-3X.)

I was trying to get Nigel. Looks like I just got me & Theo.

We also shot some Shanae Nakimuli Essentials pieces.

Amber is wearing the Closed Wing Cardigan (a best seller) and Serged Leggings. 

Amber is wearing the Relax Tee, which you can buy now (here), and our new Serged Leggings.

Me and Amber at the end of the shoot. No matter what I do, I still look 12.

I’m wearing the Relax Tee. Amber is wearing the Asymmetrical Cowl Scarf.

So last night I had the privilege of being a guest on Lipstick Lies, a new streaming show hosted by Nyla Tinkerbelle. Last night was their second show. They highlighted women entrepreneurs. Had to drive all the way out to Long Island but it was worth it. Here are some pics from last night.

*Shout out to all my friends and customers who watched and hit up the chat room, i appreciate the love.

**You can watch the video here:

I appear after the 44:00 mark. And Uncle Jimmy makes a guest appearance towards the end, around the 1:07 mark.

My driver, Uncle Jimmy

Me (in all my granny-looking glory) and my dear friend Deanna. She was the one who referred me for the interview.

Deanna was also on the show. She is an attorney.

Me with the co-hosts. Cheesing. 


Rent is too damn high!

Uncle Jimmy with Deanna and her husband CJ.

Red light special.

LL Cool J


Ok, I will be serious…

But not for too long!


The Strivers Row presents Dean’s List 3!

Miles Hodges, Jasmine Mans, Joshua Bennett, Alysia Harris and Carvens Lissaint


Special Musical Guests and announcement of the newest Strivers poet!



(via abstractelements)

just arrived home a little while ago from my fitting for the new collection. tomorrow is the photo shoot and i am so excited! decided to hit you up with a preview of a few pieces…my girl asha is modeling.


tuesday top (a shanae item)- S, M, L, XL; 2X, 3X

cenae leggings- S, M, L, XL


fawohodie highway dress- S, M, L, XL; 2X, 3X by request only

dookie bracelets- OS

items will be available in a couple of weeks. :)

one of my good friends khalia, is looking for someone to fulfill this position. it would be a great way to get some money in your pocket for the holiday season. position is based in nyc.

feel free to reblog/email to your friends.


I’m looking for a freelance merchandising assistant to help me out in the stores for the holidays.  The position can extend after January if we work well together!
Responsibilities include
-merchandising/filling in the floor
-making sure pos/sale signs are set up correctly
-markdowns are executed
-take/submit before and after photos of their work
-building/maintaining a good relationship with staff and management
-HS graduate/some college preferred 
-Independent and Responsible worker 
-Interest in fashion/retail industry 
-access to computer,email, 
-must have a camera/camera phone 
-willing to travel 
-good communication skills 
-must be able to work  mornings and afternoons Monday -Friday
$8.50-$13 per hour, based on experience  
travel expense will be reimbursed

If interested please send resume  (not as an attachment, paste directly into the email) to Lia at
Please also include how soon you would be able to start.

why do people copy?

well, let me rephrase that cuz we all copy/steal ideas. no idea is original nowadays. (except for the ones steve jobs came up with. lol. i digress…)

why do people copy to the tee? especially when a thing called the internet exists? 

on sunday, my girl amina called me to tell me that once again, someone on etsy copied her work. here is her design on the left and the copy on the right:

now, it’s clear that the person who made these saw amina’s design on amber rose (“amber rose” was one of her etsy tags) and decided to make her own pair, which is cool…


but why would she try to make the SAME EXACT PAIR  and then try to sell it? and on etsy no less? (last night yokoo tweeted “something really has to be done about etsy sellers copying.”) i mean, don’t you think that the earrings may have a designer who created them who may be on the internet? 




i think that is the problem with copying. everyone is inspired by what they see. we create so that others will have the courage to shine their light as well. but you should be inspired and take it to the next level. add your own voice to it. this post is not about shouting people out BUT about challenging others to bring forth your own creativity and to be cognizant of how it makes people feel when you copy their work. (it doesn’t feel good by the way.)

but at the end of the day, you gotta look at the positive, right? it’s great to have copycats. 1-you know you are doing something interesting and 2-they push you to tap into your creativity even more.

yaani’s dookie chain dress 

might just do an exclusive run of this dress for the christmas/new year’s season. hmmmm…

my girl amina posted a link on my Facebook page of her sister, and my dear friend yaani, in the new idris elba produced webisode called “milk + honey”.

what’s dope is that she is wearing a white and gold nakimuli dookie chain dress. so cool! you can see it in the beginning and towards the end of the video after the 9:00 mark. 

finally moved out of my showroom! it has been a wonderful experience, one that has prepared me for my next move. 

right now i am EXHAUSTED!!! why? didn’t get much sleep trying to move, have the party, ship orders, pick items up from the factory…i just need to relax. but of course i can’t.

now i gotta sort through all this stuff and still cut orders to send to the factory. smh.

but i am so happy to be working from home again and to work on the big master plan that will take shape in the next few months.

special thanks to my peeps who helped me move in this hot weather:

  • mi madre
  • my uncle jimmy
  • my boo- he turned down an opportunity to make some extra money in order to help me move. love him.
  • my resident photographer/friend nigel- such a trooper 
  • khalia

the next chapter of my life begins today. *happy dance*

but first, i’m gonna take a nap.


Do you have an older black man in your life that you think has great or amazing style or just would like them documented. Please let me know. I would love to shoot them!! or reblog and pass this request on.

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