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too freakin cute!


The animations in this video make me laugh.

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About to break the hell out of my spend fast. That I started 39 minutes ago…

lmao!!!!! hilarious!

you got time, about a few more weeks to be good.


just had to reblog this. hehe

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how i spend my downtime in the showroom; singing songs i hardly know the words to.

last week uncle jimmy came by the showroom to show me his new doll.

this s**t is just too surreal. (wish granma was here.)

amina + uncle jimmy + lil jimmy

shout out to amina, whose birthday was yesterday. sag power!!!

uncle jimmy + me + lil jimmy


funny, i am usually in either the outsider, or ironic, or nostalgic phase. 



hipster fashion cycle

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so this is my uncle’s aka jimmy mcmillan's music video that he shot last week. lmao

kinda mad that 68,000+ people saw this before i did. guess this is what i have to expect now that he is a internet sensation. lol

enjoy. :)

today uncle jimmy + i went to the wendy williams show, among other shows. here is the very brief interview. pics coming soon.

Uncle Jimmy is the only person I know who still wears a fanny pack. EVERY day. Lol

unzipped, 1995

i rented this movie about a month ago via netflix (and just realized someone uploaded the whole movie on youtube, as usual) and have been watching it a couple nights a week before i go to bed.

so inspiring on so many levels. first, i love isaac mizrahi. 1-cuz he is funny 2-he loves color. 3-he’s a native new yorker (holla!) 4-his hair! second, it just shows you a glimpse into his life as a designer; from getting bad reviews, to seeing what inspires him; from working with legends (earth kitt r.i.p!), to traveling to paris. i watch it and would love for my life to be that way. can’t wait for the day when i have my team + we are showing at new york fashion week with the hottest models. and working with hot celebs and legends in the game. and traveling the world. *sigh*

going to watch it now.

sometimes when my mom goes to the laundromat, she steals their fashion mags to give to me.
told her she was going to hell for that. lol gotta love her.

sometimes when my mom goes to the laundromat, she steals their fashion mags to give to me.

told her she was going to hell for that. lol gotta love her.

i have had my hair locked for a very, very long time. august would make it 12 yrs.

and since 2007 i have been slowly chopping it off.

and i think i am *almost*ready to cut it all off.

i luv luv luv my hair locked + i really do luv the way my hair is now but i am ready for a change. it’s just that when you’ve had ur hair a certain way for so long, it kinda is hard to see myself without it. in a way it is a big part of me, especially now, since many people identify me by my hair + associate naKIMuli with “the girl with the funky hairstyle.” it’s gonna be hard to top that. lol but it’s not about topping urself (or is it? hhhmmm…) as it is more about evolving. growing. changing. being comfortable with people seeing u differently. and seeing urself differently.

i do have a couple of fears about cutting it off:

  • going thru that in between phase; u know, u haven’t quite accomplished the look u want so ur hair looks like a hot mess. though i do think i can pull it off. yes, i think i can make "the hot mess look" look pretty darn good. lol or maybe i should invest in some wigs just in case. argh…
  • speaking of wigs, i may seriously have to invest in some. i wanna have straight hair. again. but i don’t know about that getting a perm thang.
  • i need something manageable + low maintenance. never been the girl who makes a big fuss over hair + i really don’t wanna become her either. and i twist my own hair now + uncle jimmy shaves the sides cuz i like my money in my pocket. or at least going to naKIMuli inc. or towards some hot shoes.
  • i don’t wanna look like every other black girl in bk who chops their hair off. u know what i am talking about. no offense to anyone reading this but that cult exists. lmao

they aren’t really "fears" but more of me not really being at the 100% mark of a chopping-of-the-hair-commitment yet. (i did say I was almost ready.) i just haven’t thought it all through.

not sure when the big chop-off will happen. but i am excited to do it. the urge is here. and i know one day, without even thinking about it i’m gonna just say to uncle jimmy cut it all off!”

and i am 99% sure i am gonna loc my hair again in the future. in the distant future.

uncle jimmy came by a couple of hours ago + bought me a valentine’s day gift:

damn this pic is maaaad blurry. but i was too lazy to take it again. lol (and u get to see my broke down file cabinet in the back. uncle jimmy was supposed to be fiixing it for months now…but i digress…)

but uncle jimmy bought me a balloon…

some chocolate that i can’t eat cuz there is milk + gelatin in it. :( but the interns r coming tomorrow! so maybe they will want some…

and some flowers…

with a note that says: UMTMTM (UJ) wtf? i asked him what is means. he said it stands for U Mean That Much To Me (Uncle Jimmy)

think i laughed my ass for about 5 mins straight! lmao luv my uncle!!!

happy valentine’s day to u + urs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oooooooo! i’d cut a **tch for this dress. maybe i could get a side-side hustle for that $92. i want a stash of dope party dresses.

i think i saw miss nakimuli herself in trader joe’s not too long ago. i had to hold back a “i loooooooooooooove your dresses!” because it seemed a bit much for the frozen food aisle.


to ahnka:

aaawww, u r a sweetie. and that was most likely me in trader joe’s since i am ALWAYS there. (i probably looked shorter in person, right? i get that ALL THE TIME. lol) and it’s funny cuz i just finished writing my grocery list when i read this. lol and gurrrl, u should have approached me! i don’t bite…unless u’re made of dark chocolate. (yummy!) i was probably coming from the gym + looking busted, but i still would have said hi! :D

and i will be making more party dresses for the spring collection. so if u r not able to get this dress, there will be more great dresses coming in a few months.

thanx for the luv. <3 <3 <3