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the body i am striving for.

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see, that wasn’t long! just took the weekend off. but the main thing is that i regrouped.


just came back from the gym. woke up early, spent an hour trying to crack the combination to this lock i had since 2002+. finally gave up and just bought a new damn lock for the gym. but the universe luvs me cuz my fav number, 22, is one of the numbers in the combo. (don’t ask me how this is relevant or the signficance of it. it’s just a sign people! lol)

the gym was cool. looking forward to exploring all the programs they have there.

gonna buy fabric + debut my new “campaign” = new clothing! details in a bit…

i was searching for zoe kravitz’s new band on youtube + it turned into a lisa bonet search (cuz i heart her oh so much!) +found this old vid of her + river phoenix + raul julia on the donahue show (remember that show? lol) talking about saving the planet and being vegans. so revelent to our times now. makes me wanna speed up my transition to veganism today…

note: this is part 2 of 5. in part 4, john robbins says,

"you should not feel guilty if you eat meat…it is not a question of guilt. let’s throw guilt out the window and take responsibility for our lives. and for creating a healthy world and healthy bodies and healthy children. and a healthy society."

thought that was dope since many vegans (peta in particular) always seem so damn angry + preachy + judgemental. lol