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New one of a kind Point Guard Skirts in today. Available in size 2X.

new items in store today.

sweet dress.

$99 SOLD OUT! 

one of a kind. size M.

finally available, black floral lee dress.


one of a kind, size S.

new items in store today!

wonder-full dress


one of a kind, size XS. 

today we will be shooting a lot of the items on the rack. so excited to get these samples/one of a kind/vintage pieces off my hands. :)

p.s.- in the reflection of the mirror is a sneak peek of the summer collection…hehe

michaela leggings now available!


one of a kind, size S.

in store tomorrow.

strokey shorts.

size S. one of a kind.

in store tomorrow.

michaela leggings.

size S. one of a kind.

had amber come in today and do a fitting…decided that i should probably give you a peek. :)

most of these are samples/one of a kind items that have been sitting here for a while.  

all items will be available next week. holla!

sunlight and water dress, size XS/S, one of a kind

ms. spring fling leggings, available in sizes S, M, L

purple floral skirt, size S/M, sample

green/yellow key leggings, size S, one of a kind

true essence mini skirt in theresa print, available in S-3X (petticoat not included)

cheetah-licious leggings, available in sizes S-3X

juvie skirt, size S/M, one of a kind

sweetie dress, size S, sample

afrikan hologram top, size S, sample

black floral lee dress, size S, one of a kind

yes people, things are moving fast over here.

fela halter tee——> SOLD OUT!

pink giraffe leggings——> SOLD OUT! *side note: got such a HUGE response from these leggings, might bring them back soon…

and just sold a minute ago:

ruffle mambo dress——> SOLD OUT!

the tammi leggings and the pinky and the brain leggings will be done in very limited quantity, so if you like them, i wouldn’t wait around ladies!

more leggings. coming this friday. all items modeled by newcomer amber. :)

afrikan hologram leggings—- available in sizes S-3X. already available online. click here. dookie chain necklaces are coming soon.

pinky and the brain leggings—- available in sizes S-XL. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

tammi leggings are back—- available in sizes S-XL. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

lett leggings—- one of a kind, size S

the best thing about not modeling is that i can multi-task while the photo shoot still goes on. we are actually still shooting right now while i am blogging. yay! got lots new/reissued items coming soon, most of them are one of a kind. so FIRST COME, FIRST STYLISHLY SERVED.

here are a few items that will pop up in the store very soon. 

pink giraffe leggings—-one of a kind, size S

fela halter tee—- one of a kind, size S

mambo dress—-one of a kind, size S/M

lee leggings—-available in S-3X

bringing back an oldie but a goodie. the draped front jumper dress, $140. ONE OF A KIND. size MEDIUM.

the mermaid dress, $130. ONE OF A KIND. size SMALL.

introducing the brown mosaic side drape pants, $88. ONE OF A KIND. size SMALL.

and last is the fantasy dress, $125. ONE OF A KIND. size XSMALL/SMALL.

shop! naKIMuli online store

the giraffe leggings, $55, are back! we only have 2 left already! available in sizes SMALL-3X.

the lovable afrikan leggings, $55, are here too! available in sizes SMALL-3X.

introducing the salsa dress, $125, with an asymmetrical hem. just in time for the fall! And it’s ONE OF A KIND. Size SMALL/MEDIUM.

the spring fling leggings, originally $55, are back too. but this is the ONLY pair. AND it’s 20% off! Size SMALL.

and last we have the forest skirtoriginally $55, now 20%. And it is ONE OF A KIND. Size SMALL/MEDIUM.

you can find all of them here: naKIMuli online store

(more items coming very, very soon.)