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First, I would like to thank everyone for all your condolences and for giving me privacy over the past week or so. Dealing with the deaths of my uncle and nephew, on the sme day, on each side of my family is the HARDEST thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, especially burying my nephew, who was like my child. I’ve heard people say that some things you never recover from, you just learn how to deal with it. And my nephew Marcus’ death is surely one of them. But one of the things I find comfort in is how he lived his life. See, in Marcus’ short 21 years on earth, he lived his life to the fullest, did all the things he wanted to do. So as I slowly get back into the routine of my life, I know that the best way to honor him is to live my life to the fullest; to always remember love and happiness, and never take ANY of my precious time here for granted. 

Second, I wanted to announce that I have reopened the online store today. Orders purchased this week will ship out next week. And I will begin answering emails today. Please give me a few days to reply.

Third, because of the tragedies, the spring/summer collection will be pushed back a bit to sometime in May. I have not scheduled an actual date yet, but  once I do, I will announce it. 

Thank you again to everyone for their support during this trying time.

The year of my first studio in pics.

The best and and worst thing I could have done was to look at all these pics. It made me miss having my studio. But it also reminded me of how far I have come. (And of all the designs I forgot about.)

Last week I began looking for a new space again. My mom says I don’t do much work when I am home. (Has she not seen all my orders?) But I think that I just work MUCH better when I am alone. (And my new thing is scheduling “working hours” so I’m not like working at odd times.) So we saw 6 places last week; only one I contemplated taking…but the commute was so long that I decided it was a no-go as well. But I want to find a new space so badly, especially for my creative sanity. Also, customers keep asking if they can come by and try things on and it’s a bummer to say no. But this week is a new week so I hope I can find something dope, even if it’s a little temporary “sanity” space. 

Happy new year everyone!

I’ve been quiet on tumblr for a while: was getting orders out for christmas/new years; went to visit my great friend Michaela in Rhode Island; spent new years with my friend Damion in New Jersey. So I took a break from blogging for a while but now I’m back!

But while away, I decided that 2012 will be dedicated to making huge leaps, both in my personal life and business-wise, and documenting them. So I will be doing regular installments of what I like to call “diary of a designer,” showcasing more behind the scenes of my life as an independent fashion designer. 


DAY 1.

It’s been 5 months since I’ve seen my babies. Yes, I call my sewing machines my babies. They have been in storage all this time. When I moved out of my studio/office space & started working back at home, I decided I would rely more on a factory to get my clothing done. BUT of course, it was not a great situation. Because I am a small fry in the fashion world, my orders would get pushed to the back constantly. The factory almost always gave me my things late or right on time, which then I would have to rush to the post office & mail them. No bueno. I tried everything too: gave them things early, called a day before AND on the day of to make sure my things would be ready. Nothing. I once gave them 21 pairs of leggings. June, head of the factory, told me it would take her 3 days to finish but I gave her and a full week to do it. Called the day of pick-up and got there at 5pm. Don’t you know that they had JUST STARTED sewing them? Came back an hour later and they STILL were not ready. Sat there an extra hour waiting for them to finish. It started to affect my business so I just decided to go back to sewing for a while until I can get someone to sew in-house for me, which I am thinking will be soon.

But I am happy to have my babies back. I feel much more creative knowing they are here with me. I can just jump up and sew ideas that are in my head instead of having to go to the factory & wait God knows how long for them to finish it. And I know orders will get out 10x faster, which is very comforting.

just thinking out loud

orders coming in very fast…but production is happening much slower than i thought…just need a chance to breathe…

thinking i’m gonna have to leave big cartel once again. looking at big commerce and volusion. looking for something that will make it easier to communicate with customers once orders are processed & shipped instead of having to write individual order and shipment confirmation emails. it’s becoming pretty time consuming… just need a more sophisticated yet still simple alternative to big cartel. hate to leave but i need to spend less online and more time in the real world. lol

artofkawaii replied to your photo: an oldie but a goodie i have brought back.  …
waaaaaaaaaaant! you should consider shipping to Africa!

we do ship to africa! we ship worldwide. actually got my first order from saudi arabia yesterday. you just have to make sure you pick your country when you place your order.

also, i recently received an order from nigeria but paypal does not accept money from nigeria and some other countries. however, we also accept payments through google checkout, which does accept nigeria payments. you would just have to email us:

half of this week’s orders have been for dookie bracelets

each one is finished by hand, most of the time by me. surprised i still have fingers left to sew more.


it’s always exciting even when it’s scary.

2 weeks ago i met with a local manufacturer to begin doing production for naKIMuli. what a HUGE step. so we will begin with the spring 2011 collection, which will debut next month. this means orders will go out faster, i can get more wholesale orders and do trade shows. yay! and i will spend less time sewing and more time doing the other important things for my business. and finally get enjoy my social life more. so happy. *thank u baby jesus!*

orders for dookie bracelets have been coming in like crazy since the new year. don’t know why but it’s all good! i’m very grateful.

working on new prints for february….


damn i am sooo busy. only got 4 hrs of restless sleep. working overtime to get all my orders out before christmas.  


about to run to the post office real quick, pickup fabric, then back to the showroom for more sewing. argh! 


but i loooove what i do so it’s all good!!! and i appreciate u, my lovely customers/fans/stans. lol

cowl: naKIMuli

jacket: obey

dress: thrift

leggings: 99 cents store

leg warmers: deny (purple), naKIMuli (black)

boots: vintage

earrings: vintage from


bangles: mali


uncle jimmy just turned my studio into the rent is too damn high shipping facility.

not sure how i am going to get any of my work done, including making 3 halloween costumes, since i have to help him.

it’s not a game up in here. lol

but if you are interested in any of uncle jimmy’s rent is too damn high merchandise, you can go here:

every time i think about retiring the lee dress, new orders come in for it. :)

every time i think about retiring the lee dress, new orders come in for it. :)

yesterday i was able to pick up my keys to my new showroom! wanted to move in + start working but they were still painting (wack). so we just had to move all my things to the painted side of the room. but i was in there today working on an order, even though the paint on the floor was still damp. the show must go on, right?

tuesday, august 31st

onician + amina loading the truck

my old “showroom.” man, i can’t believe that i was working in this small room for 6 yrs!

wednesday, september 1st:

my friend nigel, helping me out.

my stuff. grrr!

my mom’s 1st time seeing the showroom. she was very happy, as u can see.

today, september 2nd:

as u can see, i didn’t have much time to move anything. had to get straight to work!

the show has just begun. can’t wait to go back tomorrow and get some more work done. will probably be there all weekend too cuz i’m just a workaholic like that. but i have to get ready for next week’s end of summer/moving sale, finish orders, work on new items, organize, do some administrative work, the list goes on.

shout out to all those who helped out with the move: amina, onician, nigel, mommy (everyone should have a great support system like her. i appreciate her love + dedication, even when we were butting heads. luv u mom!), uncle jimmy (don’t know how he wasn’t in any of the pics. hhhmmm…), and to the workers in my new building, george + jack. and to all those who volunteered but had schedule conflicts: kelly (we missed u!), mikel, tammi; thank u for still looking out! and to all my customers who have remained patient while i have been trying to move. your orders will be shipped asap!

and i’m very grateful to all of u who read the blog religiously. thank u for the support, kind words, and loyalty. :)

holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (i think i am the only person who still says this. lol)

i do apologize for the m.i.a.-ness. i have been working hard to get these orders under control. and looking for a new space. and meeting with clients. and working on putting together something “new + special” for u guys. sometimes, i don’t know how i am getting anything done since i feel like i am being pulled in 25 millions directions. but i wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

side note: with this week or so of blog silence, i have managed to get 30+ follwers. don’t know how. but i appreciate u!

but speaking of new + special, i was supposed to have the new items up already. please forgive me. i am working on it + will let u know when they will be up. but here are some behind the scenes pics we took 2 weeks ago of the new stuff.

kelly fixing the made by ag earrings

the bow (and kelly’s hand)

trying to catch alyssa in my hallway

me shooting alyssa in the park (we were unwelcomed guests—-long story)

all in a day’s work!

all packed and no where to go…yet.

yes, i have been pretty much m.i.a. this week. so much is going on…was here all week by myself :(, feeling a bit under the weather but still trying hard to catch up on orders, going to see new spaces for naKIMuli to move to (in this crazy heat wave), packing (as u can see from the above pic), setting up appts for clients to come to the studio, answering emails about orders and wholesale inquiries, watching the office while i sew dookie bracelets, blah blah blah. it’s been a crazy week but i am happy i have gotten through it. i am almost where i want to be with fulfilling orders so next week i am hoping to debut the new stuff to you. gosh, can’t wait till i am a big shot who has everyone doing all these things for me…