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for my next photo shoot. We will be shooting within the next 2 weeks. Must be able to pull shoes & accessories. Must be in NYC/NJ area. If you are interested, email us pics of your work at:

Feel free to reblog/share with anyone who may be interested.

It’s been so crazy yet wonderful over here: new interns, new collection, more work, no seamstress. It’s funny, that was the running theme for March, “I Need A Seamstress.” We actually tested out a few but for one reason or another, it hasn’t worked out…yet. But I am optimistic that April will be better. I really NEED it to be better cuz I can’t keep sewing everything. I got a life I want to live! But seriously, things just keep getting busier so I will have to find someone (or two) asap. *Taking recommendations.*

But as always, the show goes on. Last week, I met with Mambu, a good friend and awesome photographer. We will be teaming up to shoot my spring collection. Funny thing is he reached out to me in 2010 about working together and we are JUST getting around to doing it. Better late than never. We discussed several ideas for the shoot. I am so excited! It should be fun. 

 Mambu. Our “meeting” was at Golden Crust!

 One of new interns, Courtney, taking notes and trying to avoid the camera. I see you Coco!

 Me + my new shades + Mambu = nothing in particular.

You can check out Mambu’s blog and portfolio. Pretty sure you have seen his work before.

And while I’m designing the new spring collection AND fulfilling retail and wholesale orders, I am also working on one of kind pieces that will hit the store soon. I have so much fabric, some remnants of things you’ve seen before, some I’ve never used and have had for YEARS. So I will be posting pics soon. Here is a peek at a new pair of leggings paired with our Cater Dress. 

So excited to finally get new things out to you guys.

Working non-stop, getting ready for the new collection, meeting with the photographer today. Yay!

Side note: Love how my graphic designer Liana designed this. She is the best!

This week I will be posting looks from out latest photo shoot. Everything will be available online on January 30th.

Amber is wearing the Cut Throat Cardigan and Serged Leggings.

Hitting the ground running for 2012! 

Yesterday we did our very first photo shoot of the year; shooting was at my dear friend Damion’s apt. It  was a looooong day; we shot so many pieces. But glad we were able to get it done. Items will be available at the end of the month.

Nigel setting up the lights, getting ready to shoot.

Amber is wearing our new Blue Scales Dress. 

Amber with her bestie Theo.

Amber is wearing a new dress I have not named yet. ;)

Damion has a great vintage jewelry collection that he let us use. (Still trying to figure out a way to let him let me have a few pairs.)

We reshot a few items that are already available in our online store.

Amber is wearing the Highway Leggings. You can order these now here. (In sizes S-3X.)

I was trying to get Nigel. Looks like I just got me & Theo.

We also shot some Shanae Nakimuli Essentials pieces.

Amber is wearing the Closed Wing Cardigan (a best seller) and Serged Leggings. 

Amber is wearing the Relax Tee, which you can buy now (here), and our new Serged Leggings.

Me and Amber at the end of the shoot. No matter what I do, I still look 12.

I’m wearing the Relax Tee. Amber is wearing the Asymmetrical Cowl Scarf.

received the first few samples of the new collection today. so excited to get the rest of the samples back so we can start moving with the photo shoot.

also, friday i will give you a sneak peek on some of the new accessories that we have been working on. 

slowly, surely…

woke up this morning to some lovely pics in my email. my boy matthew anderson used some of our garments this past summer to style to wonderful photo shoot for applause africa. :)

guess you would have to pick this up in print because this photo shoot is not on applause africa’s site yet.

dookie bracelets made the front cover! nice!

color block cut it out lover maxi dress and purple lines dookie bracelet.

floral cut it out lover dress

the every leggings jumper (love how matthew styled the top as a head wrap. werk!)

dookie bracelets.

dookie bracelets

nice work!

and it’s nice to give credit where credits do:

photography: ryle watson

make-up: natasha denis

styling: matthew anderson

model: titalayo mutushi


Do you have an older black man in your life that you think has great or amazing style or just would like them documented. Please let me know. I would love to shoot them!! or reblog and pass this request on.

Mambu Bayoh

so happy we will finally have the pics of the ss11 collection up soon!

floral cut it out lover dress coming soon!

fixing amber’s jewelry before we take the shot. i think this is my fav piece from the ss11 collection.

earring: made by ag

dress: nakimuli (coming very soon)

from yesterday’s photo shoot.

squiggly wiggly leggings coming soon. (notice the rest on the rack. *wink, wink.)

today we will be shooting a lot of the items on the rack. so excited to get these samples/one of a kind/vintage pieces off my hands. :)

p.s.- in the reflection of the mirror is a sneak peek of the summer collection…hehe

me shooting amber yesterday.

the wind blowing my shorts and her hair like crazy!

more leggings. coming this friday. all items modeled by newcomer amber. :)

afrikan hologram leggings—- available in sizes S-3X. already available online. click here. dookie chain necklaces are coming soon.

pinky and the brain leggings—- available in sizes S-XL. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

tammi leggings are back—- available in sizes S-XL. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

lett leggings—- one of a kind, size S

the best thing about not modeling is that i can multi-task while the photo shoot still goes on. we are actually still shooting right now while i am blogging. yay! got lots new/reissued items coming soon, most of them are one of a kind. so FIRST COME, FIRST STYLISHLY SERVED.

here are a few items that will pop up in the store very soon. 

pink giraffe leggings—-one of a kind, size S

fela halter tee—- one of a kind, size S

mambo dress—-one of a kind, size S/M

lee leggings—-available in S-3X