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Yesterday my best friend of 27 years (yes, we go waaaaay back) texted these pics of her with the Time Out Mag I sent her in the mail. She seems more excited that I did! I think it’s cuz she thinks that once I hit it big time, she will quit her job and become my assistant. But I’ve already fired her. Ha!

And one more pic from the mag. In my haste to turn to page 23, I didn’t even know I was on the Table of Contents page until 3 days later. I’m a mess! 

P.S.- I just checked the rest of the mag to make sure I didn’t miss anthing else!

This weekend I received a printed copy of my Time Out NY Magazine feature in the mail. I was so surprised that I got the whole page to myself!!! Usually they create a collage of all the people they feature and make it a 2 page spread. But they only featured me, which was odd but wow! I’m loving it! Forever excited and grateful.

Now I have to run and buy like 5 copies and send them to my family and frame this one!

Found this while searching “Nakimuli” tags on tumblr. We are international! Dope.


Nakimuli featured in a Tanzanian magazine… Shear April/May 2011 Issue

love how my fans/customers stay looking out for me. a customer on facebook just informed me that featured our dookie bracelets in their ultimate natural hair bloggers’ holiday gift guide. yay!!! it is a slideshow of pics and we are pic #14.

too bad they put the old website link up. :(

but hopefully when people go to it, they will see the banner directing them to the new site. 

shout out to Leila of black girl long hair for mentioning us!


you can buy the bracelets here. $12 each BUT if you buy 4 or more, they are $10 each.

i did a wonderful interview with fajr at; a great blog geared to empowering women. had a great hour-long convo with fajr about being an entrepreneur and not having much of a life. lol check it out here:

Women Who Werk: Tennille McMillan of naKIMuli

p.s.—- i love this post fajr wrote about dating: 50 Dating Rules for Smart Girls Who Don’t Need Dating Rules 

let me know what you think about it. better yet, let her know! lol

coco and creme just featured us on their site! and we have gotten such a great response. thank u coco + creme!

you can see it here: Nakimuli Holiday 2010 Collection


i recently did a cool interview with the AfroHipster recently. find out what i think about mainstream fashoin and what’s up next for naKIMuli. you can check it out here:

AfroHip Conversation with Tennille McMillan from naKIMuli

if you follow us on facebook, you probably have already seen this, but ammo mag did a cute little story on me.

just realized i am featured on society hae’s “style sidebar.”

thanks ngozi for the mini feature! I think it is only up for a week so check it out here:

Style Sidebar

I just thought I'd let you know you were featured on NEET Magazine's blog! Here's the link:
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

oh thank u so much! good looking out.

and shout out to angel from concrete loop for naming naKIMuli, along with melody ehsani, as one of her fav designers she would like people to know about. such an honor! check the interview here:

AfroHip Conversation with Angel from

a few weeks ago madame noir came to our studio to interview me.

funny thing about this video, we had to turn off the a/c so the sound would not be interrupted. and it was maaaaad hot!!! lol

and it is always wierd to see myself on video. i’m kinda awkward. lol

oh and u get to hear the pronunciation of naKIMuli since people always ask me how to pronounce it. :)

just when i think i am over twitter (social network anxiety kicking in), something dope happens to remind me why i am still on there. ghubar mag’s translator, tiffaniie, tweeted that we are in their newest issue that came out today! yeah! this is kinda a big deal people. :)

never heard of ghubar mag? well u must be living under a rock! (joking kiddos.) but they are a dope fashion web mag based in france. me + kelly are always drooling over their online issues so for them to acknowledge us with a 2 page spread is amazing!!! i am so grateful!

make sure to check out their newest issue today!

a lot of times i have no clue that someone has written a blog about us unless someone tells me or they show up as a referrer on the store. (thank u google analytics!) here are a few i have recently found out about.


o-m-g! i received this in my inbox yesterday. the bk museum put me on the cover of the flyer for the fashion show! wow! me and amina were screaming once we saw it. (it also features amina’s made by ag tri-nity zharia earrings. holla!) and i have to be honest, i did shed a little tear when i got this. kinda feel like i am representing bk fashion now. lol let me not get gassed.

but this week has been so wonderful, i don’t know what to do! i was going to do 3 new outfits for the show. then i decided against it cuz things r so chaotic. but after seeing this, i think i will go with plan a again. lol

and to top it off, my big sis eutopia will be hosting the fashion show so you know she will be draped in naKIMuli + made by ag.

the bk museum even posted it on their calender. click here to see it.

and for info on the show:


fashion show starts at 3:30pm. admission for the museum is by donation. so give what you can.

hope to see u there. and don’t be afraid to say hi! (and i am very short- you’ve been forewarned! lol)

omg! we are featured today on daily candy!

a couple of weeks ago daily candy contacted kelly saying that they want to do a story on us. kelly and i went to their soho office and met with some of the writers. and now they have posted the dookie bracelets online. yay!!!

but what’s so dope is 1-they put us in the edition that goes out to everyone = more exposure and 2- it is only 10 am and we have already sold 50 bracelets! i am forever grateful and thankful for this moment. check us out here: 16 Summer Fashion Ideas Under $50 


also, one of my great customers, isabella, interviewed me a while back for her business class. she was able to get part of her article published online! check it out: Meet America’s Funky Sweetheart

what a difference a day makes!