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in a little over a month (november 22nd to be exact. make note of that people! hehe), i will be a year older and planning a huge celebration which includes an official grand opening and birthday party (more deets coming soon.) But in addition, I also want the following things listed, in no particular order.

beyonce’s heat perfume. i know, very wtf. lol but a friend of mine gave me a sample + i actually liked it.

a goldfish. in a glass bowl. with a castle.

a hot date with a cute, funny, intelligent guy. really want to go to my fav vegan restaurant, gobo, but any nice restaurant with vegetarian options will do.

another tattoo (or 2).

some cute boots/booties. most likely something by jeffrey campbell.

new glasses. i’ve had these for a few years and i really need to either get prescription in this other pair i have or buy some new ones. (or get laser surgery. lol) but i got my eyes on a tortoise shell pair…

Iranian architect India Mahdavi designed the new restaurant/ Café  “Germain” in Paris – a great 70s old school bistro/diner style – Opened by French Entrepreneur Thierry Costes, the two story restaurant/lounge, is split in two by the massive, yellow sculpture entitled “Sophie” created by the renowned French artist Xavier Veilhan, currently showcasing in the Chateau des Versailles in France.



i want this in my house!

the place we went to eat. it’s a little restaurant in bed-stuy.