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This is definitely summer’s best seller! After being sold out earlier this week, the Sunlight + Water Dress is now back in stock!

Available in sizes S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X.

Answering emails.

Rocking the Sweet Bubbly Leggings, which are now on SALE. Available in straight & plus sizes. (M is SOLD OUT)

the true essence dress always sells well. and after a month of being online, the true essence dress is sold out. but not to worry, the true essence will come around again, in a different color scheme of course.

but feel free to check out the other pieces in the summer collection, while they are still available:

new items in store today.

sweet dress.

$99 SOLD OUT! 

one of a kind. size M.

so all 3 dresses we released on monday are gone!

sunlight + water dress- SOLD OUT! (different version will be available in the summer collection.)

wonder-full dress- SOLD OUT!

black floral lee dress- SOLD OUT! (different version will be available in the summer collection.)

And here is a taste of the items that will be available tomorrow afternoon!

afrikan hologram top. size small. sample.

true essence mini skirt. size S-3X. pre-order, will ship after june 6th.

sweet dress. size M. one of a kind.

primal cut throat cape. one size. only 2 will be made.


black floral lee dress


SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

in just 90 mins of announcing that the michaela leggings are on sale, they have sold out! 

no worries though ladies, we have more goodies coming this week!

we debuted new items last friday and have already sold out of the following items:

pink giraffe leggings—-> SOLD OUT!!! ***will be making a comeback soon. :)

fela halter tee—-> SOLD OUT!

tammi leggings—->SOLD OUT!

pinky and the brain leggings—->SOLD OUT! ***will be making a comeback but in a slightly different form…

ruffle mambo dress—->SOLD OUT!

wow! i can’t believe how fast that has happened! i am very appreciative of all the love and support. thank you ladies! we have more goodies coming up including our spring collection, which is now our summer collection cuz we are so late. lol but we got a lot of WONDERFUL surprises coming for u.

holla! :)

yes people, things are moving fast over here.

fela halter tee——> SOLD OUT!

pink giraffe leggings——> SOLD OUT! *side note: got such a HUGE response from these leggings, might bring them back soon…

and just sold a minute ago:

ruffle mambo dress——> SOLD OUT!

the tammi leggings and the pinky and the brain leggings will be done in very limited quantity, so if you like them, i wouldn’t wait around ladies!

true essence skirt.
we sold out of the red print so we have 2 new prints this week.

true essence skirt.

we sold out of the red print so we have 2 new prints this week.


lee dress

lee two tone hologram leggings

they each are sold out! didn’t think that would happen on the second day! but don’t fret my lovelies, i do hope to be bringing them back shortly.