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A few weeks ago, my homegirl and owner of The Strivers Row, Latoya, came by the studio to try on a dress. Yes, she will be rocking Nakimuli tonight at the Strivers Row BIG event tonight.

And speaking of that, if you are in NYC this evening, feel free to come out and see the Strivers Row poets perform. It’s gonna be dope! 

***Side Note: You should probably get there EARLY, especially if you are buying tix at the door. It’s gonna be crazy! See you there!

It was wonderful to finally meet my longest tumblr friend today, Ayla, yesterday. We had a wonderful, inspirational talk about living your life creatively. Follow your heart!


FINALLY got to meet my OG tumblr friend Tennille, the owner of the amazing Nakimuli line today (we’ve been tumblr-ing since ‘08…BeForE it was popular).

P.S….her leggings game is way too killer, watch out for her newest collection!

So sorry that I did not update last week. It has been sooo busy around here: I got a new sewing (coverstitch) machine, and just signed a lease on my new apt. As you can see from the pic above, I have nothing but my machine in my apt. (And clothes, which were the first things I moved, of course!) On top of that, business has picked up 2000% (not sure why but I am thankful) and I have a few projects I am working on. (I think 1 will reveal itself within a week or so.) I really don’t know how I am even managing it all! So I guess this weekend I will have to make time to move into my new place. Thank goodness it’s just across the hall from where I’m at now. 

So prior to last week, I was looking for a separate work space. My mom & I saw so many places! But every place I saw had some kind of flaw. If you know NYC, you know that is normal. 

Side note: We saw this 1 place that was an old school building. It had NO HEAT, NO RUNNING WATER, peeling paint, boarded up windows, and the guy had the nerve to want to rent it out! For like $950-$1250/month! AND it was for only 3-12 months. (The building is about to be demolished & turned into apartments.) WTF? Smh.

I was gonna just stay with my mom for a few more months but then the apt across the hall became available so I said why not! I miss having my own apt. So I am happy now. I feel my sanity coming back.

So how do I feel about working at home? It has it’s pros and cons…I would rather have a separate work space cuz it’s more professional but I’m saving a lot of money by having everything in one place. So for this next year, this is how i’m rocking. 

So I will be accepting studio visits and having invite only-intimate shopping events as soon as I can get everything situated. Excited. 

I am so thankful. 

one day soon…

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The year of my first studio in pics.

The best and and worst thing I could have done was to look at all these pics. It made me miss having my studio. But it also reminded me of how far I have come. (And of all the designs I forgot about.)

Last week I began looking for a new space again. My mom says I don’t do much work when I am home. (Has she not seen all my orders?) But I think that I just work MUCH better when I am alone. (And my new thing is scheduling “working hours” so I’m not like working at odd times.) So we saw 6 places last week; only one I contemplated taking…but the commute was so long that I decided it was a no-go as well. But I want to find a new space so badly, especially for my creative sanity. Also, customers keep asking if they can come by and try things on and it’s a bummer to say no. But this week is a new week so I hope I can find something dope, even if it’s a little temporary “sanity” space.