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Reblog and retweet if you would like to see the Miss Zee coloring book for little girls of color and the image of Miss Zee in stores. We have less than 13 days left to raise money. 

There is hardly anything in the children section for girls of color, yet there are all kinds of products created to change little girls of color in the beauty section. We have to change this. Lets show girls of color that they’re good enough and that they’re beautiful the way they are.  Please make a pledge by going here: 

Thank you!

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New post - pics from Tennille’s show last weekend (click)


love this pic of us! but why do i look like a baby? i thought this haircut made me look my age! smh.

sooo the disclaimer first:

i looove my friend who invited me to do this show. HOWEVER, it was very unorganized…only 3 out of 6 designers showed up; and we only had 3 models out of 8 show up. (of course the best model was amber, the only who has been in all of our recent pics.) i had to pull an audience member to walk in the show (thanks mom for scouting her out!)…and we didn’t have a fitting beforehand (i was told the other designers didn’t want to do one. huh? that should have been a sign…) smh even as i write this…i was just disappointed in what i had to work with and the pics are a reminder…even thought about not posting these pics but i know you guys would like to see them.

but through all the disappointment and frustration, the show must go on, no? i decided to make some damn lemonade out it. 

i have been thinking about doing another showing at my studio to make up for it, especially since the damn L train prevented a lot of people from coming…but idk yet…

but anyway, here are the pics! mostly taken by my girl kelly ( + a few by my resident photographer nigel (

backstage pics

euni rocking the sold out electric leggings. i’m probably telling her about how disappointed i was. lol

much better!

meet jody, the model i pulled from the audience

amina did all the jewelry for the show. (visit her site:

show pics

amber (without her curly wig) in the belly top and true essence mini skirt

easy dress w/cut throat cape 

one shoulder true essence dress with floral shorts

maxi cut it out lover dress (sleeveless)

floral cut it out lover dress (sleeveless)

flutter lee dress

side drape dress with flutter leggings

sunlight + water dress

cut it out lover dress (i think it’s my fav in the collection)

the every leggings jumper


tonya showed up in her lee leggings

my 2 newest fans (their words, not mine. lol)

speaking to nikki ( + elyse (

i am thankful for the love + support!

the lesson—-sometimes in order to realize how much you have grown, you have to take a step back.

in the summer of 2009, i did wardrobe/costume for a short film called “the cycle.” just got word that it will be showing on hbo this month! here is the schedule:

Saturday 2/22 at 5:45AM ET - HBO Zone East
Saturday 2/22 at 8:45AM ET - HBO Zone West
Saturday 2/23 at 7:45AM ET - HBO Zone East
Saturday 2/23 at 10:45AM ET - HBO Zone West
Saturday 2/28 at 12:15PM ET - HBO Zone East
Saturday 2/28 at 3:15PM ET - HBO Zone West

please check it out and support an indie director, roy clovis; he is not only talented and passionate about his craft, he is also a wonderful and sweet person.

for more info about the film:

to the best uncle/dad in the world!

me + uncle jimmy july 2009


we are looking for a couple of interns who can hand sew some dookie bracelets for us a couple of days a week. as u may know from a previous post, the dookie bracelet has become our best seller and we are going crazy with trying to keep up with the demand. so if you are dope at sewing by hand AND you live in the nyc area, holla at us!

Asker ahnka Asks:
re: bk museum fashion show
i am soooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!! i will be there and i *will* say hi this time! it seems like your time has arrived girl! as a fan of your work (saving up for another dress) and just your spirit, i love reading about the blessings that are coming your way :)
nakimuli nakimuli Said:


u are the sweetest thing!

thank u so much for being and fan + a customer and for being on this journey with me. without people like you, i wouldn’t be where i’m at and for that i am forever grateful.

and u BETTA introduce yourself. don’t wanna have to hurt u! lol and i will be taking pics so come prepared! ;)

Asker ahnka Asks:
do you know shana who owns collecther? (i almost feeling silly asking since it's brooklyn and everyone knows everyone) as soon as you mentioned opening a boutique, i thought of you sitting down with her... maybe you could hit her up, if she's not on your list already.
nakimuli nakimuli Said:

i do know shana. well, kinda. lol everyone in bk does know everyone. she + i have the same mentor, brenda brunson-bey. thought about shana today so i gotta put her on my list.

thanks for helping me out with this! i really appreciate it!

about opening a boutique.

(the above pic is of the popular store/brand the brooklyn circus aka the bkc, which is in my neighborhood but they also has a store in san fran + chicago. i heart the owner, ouigi, and the direction he has been taking his brand. very inspiring, especially since i remember when he opened his 1st store a few yrs ago + see the evolution + growth. but i digress…)

so i have been thinking about this for a while. it has always been my dream to own a store, i even wrote a business plan for one a few years back. but stores can be very costly, even in a recession. (the recession doesn’t exist in nyc. at least that is what you would think when you see the high rent prices.) so i thought i should just have a showroom. and i have actually been looking at showroom possibilities. me + kelly went to go see one today. (nice + in the boondocks + desolate = no) but more + more i am thinking of opening a store.

still working on details, gonna write another business plan. but i like how a store sets up a type of community where regulars come visit you often and u can get discovered by new customers every day. and it can still act as a showroom for press + private clients to come by. but it is a HUGE responsibility. but sometimes u gotta take chances. just make them calculated, right? (thanks euni for reiterating that to me + for telling me to stop dwelling on the negative. luv u for that.)

i was terrified to tell uncle jimmy but i spoke to him about it tonite. he asked me a whole bunch of “business” questions but was ultimately very happy and supportive. and then of course he began to reminisce about the record store he had in the east village in the late 70s/early 80s. when rent was $99/mo. wtf? i wish! i would open a store asap!!!

not sure when and/or where in bk (yes, i am staying in brooklyn) i would open it. got a few ideas. but still brainstorming the deets + scheduling time to talk to my mentor + other boutique owners. aahhhh, so excited yet so overwhelmed + nervous…

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***luv how tumblr has integrated this “support haiti” screen w/link to donate.


yesterday while i was getting off the train in soho, a woman stopped me + told me that she just ordered the afrikan hologram dress for her sister who is in haiti. haiti? omg…had to know if all of her fam was ok. she actually left haiti the morning of the earthquake. wow! but her family is ok since they live in the northern part of the country.

today, after me + uncle jimmy’s brunch, we saw a car stalled on the side of flatbush ave, right off the manhattan bridge. uncle jimmy pulled over + decided to help the men jump start their car. through casual convo, they stated that they were haitian + that they were still looking to hear from their mom + other family members. my heart just broke.

sending all my luv + support to everyone who has been affected by the earthquake in haiti. as a human race, we WILL get through it. together.