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in a little over a month (november 22nd to be exact. make note of that people! hehe), i will be a year older and planning a huge celebration which includes an official grand openingĀ and birthday party (more deets coming soon.) But in addition, I also want the following things listed, in no particular order.

beyonce’s heat perfume. i know, very wtf. lol but a friend of mine gave me a sample + i actually liked it.

a goldfish. in a glass bowl. with a castle.

a hot date with a cute, funny, intelligent guy. really want to go to my fav vegan restaurant, gobo, but any nice restaurant with vegetarian options will do.

another tattoo (or 2).

some cute boots/booties. most likely something by jeffrey campbell.

new glasses. i’ve had these for a few years and i really need to either get prescription in this other pair i have or buy some new ones. (or get laser surgery. lol) but i got my eyes on a tortoise shell pair…

uncle jimmy came by a couple of hours ago + bought me a valentine’s day gift:

damn this pic is maaaad blurry. but i was too lazy to take it again. lol (and u get to see my broke down file cabinet in the back. uncle jimmy was supposed to be fiixing it for months now…but i digress…)

but uncle jimmy bought me a balloon…

some chocolate that i can’t eat cuz there is milk + gelatin in it. :( but the interns r coming tomorrow! so maybe they will want some…

and some flowers…

with a note that says: UMTMTM (UJ) wtf? i asked him what is means. he said it stands for U Mean That Much To Me (Uncle Jimmy)

think i laughed my ass for about 5 mins straight! lmao luv my uncle!!!

happy valentine’s day to u + urs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is my granma’s birrthday, she turns 82. wow, imagine living for 82 yrs…

i don’t know but i started thinking about my bday this past nov 22. and i remembered that i forgot to post the pics. then i thought, my sis has all the better pics of me + my close friends at my brunch. and of course she still has not emailed them to me! damn her! lol (i still luv u tia!) so i will just so u a few of the pics i have.

my outfit. i represented for both my labels. lol

top: urban outfitters

pants: vintage

shoes: vintage

denim chain: naKIMuli

scarf: naKIMuli

cardigan: shanae

jewelry: vintage + gifts +thrift

and i topped it off with a vintage cape. speaking of vintage capes, have 1 i need to put in the store for sale…

i made everyone who came to my bday brunch cowl scarves in their fav colors.

my girl lori bought me a vegan cupcake. :)

me acting silly. and my sis tia. where my pics at huh? lol

and earlier that day…

uncle jimmy came by + bought me flowers + had a TOTAL stranger sing happy birthday with him. lol gotta luv uncle jimmy…

one of my best girl friends daizy came by with her baby shilo. me + daze go way back, all the way to 1st grade!

daizy + uncle jimmy + shilo uncle jimmy made that shirt w/ a pic of himself + a roller skate. don’t ask questions. lmao

my in front of my house…it was a good bday.

  • naKIMuli inc including new label shanae:

from naKIMuli—-the cater dress

my business, of course! i have so many things i am gearing up for the end of this yr + the beginning of next yr. wish i could move fast enough to get them done!

from shanae—-101 dress (coming soon)


  • netflix

at first i was only getting them in the mail. then my friend convinced me to watch the instant movies on my computer. i am hooked! damn u netflix!


  • tutus

any type of tutu/petticoat has got me anticipating an event to rock it to.


  • luxury apartments in brooklyn

As much as i despise gentrification, i still daydream about “moving on up” + living in a bk luxury high rise building. i already have my building picked out. lol i need a doorman!


  • platform shoes

my recent babies! got them on right now. lol looking to get more even though i am the worst heel walker (not really but really.)


  • pencil skirts

designed this houndstooth pencil skirt last yr but it started my current obsession for them. will have some variations in the new label.

twisted pencil skirt coming soon

naKIMuli mermaid/pencil skirt available now!


  • my health

just started on my journey of going to the gym + embarking on a vegan diet. started november 1st + so far i luv it! i never looked forward to cooking until now. in an hr, i will start cooking dinner. yay! wouldn’t offer my food to anyone just yet (even though my girl daizy tried some of it yesterday + is still alive), but give me a couple of months…


  • twitter

took me a while to join twitter. there is nothing spectacular about it but i luv it. guess cuz i follow some cool people who inspire me: rev run, deepak chopra, june ambrose, russell simmons, my girl chanel of junkprints, and my boy taqiy of go tee entertainment .


  • music!

black kids


calvin harris


just a few of the bands i listen to on the reg.


my friend ayinde decided to film his tv pilot on monday, september 7th, which was not only labor day but his birthday. but i had a wonderful time. when u r a) doing what u luv + b) are with cool people, it makes it all worthwhile.

can’t say much about his idea for the show, but i can say it is yoga-based. ayinde is a certified yoga instructor, a vegan chef, a rapper, an actor, AND a director! whew! he got 10 jobs! lolbut i am very proud to see him making moves. and to be a part of the action as the wardrobe stylist.

we were all sooo hungry! it seemed like the food took ages to make! but it was oh so worth the wait!

vegan food. oh so good!

filming in the cafe.

we surprised ayinde with a birthday cake from whole foods. and it’s vegan!

i tried to get balloons, but walgreens had 1 birthday balloon + party city was closed. :(

i was searching for zoe kravitz’s new band on youtube + it turned into a lisa bonet search (cuz i heart her oh so much!) +found this old vid of her + river phoenix + raul julia on the donahue show (remember that show? lol) talking about saving the planet and being vegans. so revelent to our times now. makes me wanna speed up my transition to veganism today…

note: this is part 2 of 5. in part 4, john robbins says,

"you should not feel guilty if you eat meat…it is not a question of guilt. let’s throw guilt out the window and take responsibility for our lives. and for creating a healthy world and healthy bodies and healthy children. and a healthy society."

thought that was dope since many vegans (peta in particular) always seem so damn angry + preachy + judgemental. lol